Less Pain Even Though Hospital Errors: "The hospital put me in the wrong room and pain medication for my knee surgery was delayed causing terrible pain, however, I was able to get through it quite well and the nurses and doctors were impressed! Two doctors visited me and wanted to know how I managed. I told them about the audios and private session with you. You work miracles. THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU"! D. P., Pgh, PA

Klonopin Withdrawal: Dear Sanna, I hope you are well. Just to let you know that I always remember how
you helped me when I was suffering from Klonopin withdrawal. I had a good year and have been feeling really well. You and Valerie Donaldson, M.D. were such a great help to me back then (2012). And of course, you introduced me to Bikram yoga. I still go 4 times a week. I have made such good friends there and I still like the heat. I hope you have a great Christmas and New Year! J.S., Pittsburgh (Send to me 4 years later)

Healing through Cancer:
I would really like to thank you for your amazing sessions. I feel like you have helped launch me on a journey to shift a lifetime of negative thoughts and fears using techniques that truly resonate with me. I’ve dabbled in bits and pieces from meditation and breath work to therapy and pilates, however your bespoke meditation, EFT support, insight and fabulous humour have achieved more for me in four hours than a lifetime of other stuff. Of course this is especially important to me now as I work towards healing my body from cancer and I am so grateful that you have shown up to provide me such invaluable support and emotional healing. And what’s even more extraordinary, is that you’ve done all of this via Skype with you in Pittsburgh and me in London! I wish I could speak to you every day but that would be over-indulgence!! Thank you, Sanna." MIranda, London

Anxiety due to Medical Procedures: "You’re incredible. Thank you for taking such good care of my mother. I can tell she’s responding well. Thanks-a-billion times." M.W., Pgh

Dear Sanna, I have been meaning to write to you for some months to thank you properly for the wonderful custom recording you made for me, which I listen to regularly. I almost know it by heart now and, of course, know your voice so well too. I can't believe we have never met.  It was beautifully and lovingly created and I believe it makes a real difference to my healing.

I also want to thank you for subscribing to my blog and supporting me often with your encouraging feedback, which also makes a difference.  It makes me brave in fact. I am doing something very vulnerable with that blog and it helps to hear that it is worthwhile for others as well as myself. So thank you for everything.  I hope to meet you some day and to stay in touch meantime.
With love and gratitude, Sophie, UK

No More Surgery Terror: "Hi Sanna! I came home at 6pm today! All went well for me! No side effects from the anesthesia!!!! The surgery was FAST too -- 70 minutes when they originally told me it would be about 90 minutes or more! The surgeon was very pleased at how it all went and how well I did! I cannot thank you enough!!!!! I used so many strategies you taught me and listened to both pre-surgery and healing recordings this morning! My team was around me -- so many prayers were flooding my mind before and after. I remember nothing from the actual procedure! It's surreal ... Sanna-- you helped me through something that was overwhelming and terrifying...and I thank you. I will listen each day to recovery recording -- invaluable to me! You saved me! I will call you this week with an update!! M. R., Moon Township.

Shoulder Surgery heals faster: "I went to the doctors yesterday and they said I am 2 to 3 weeks ahead of schedule with my shoulder healing. I told them that you are to be thanked!" C.H., Pittsburgh

Strong Action to Prepare for Shoulder Surgery: "I had a lovely relaxing day (after our session). ____ took me out to dinner. We had a good talk about what I needed and expected from him. He did clean the bedroom and organize the living room so it would be pleasant for me. He set up an office so he could stay with me for a few days. These were the expectations I laid out when I got home, so I'm very happy with that. I've been sending healing thoughts to my shoulder. I like the image of the blood cleansing away not only the impurities from the injuries, and nourishing it too. I have been thinking of the surgery as removing some of the resentment and anger about the situation. It's freed me up to talk frankly with ___ about it. Thanks for sharing your gift with me - I am calm and ready for the next few weeks!" Love, T. (private client)

Calm for Oblation Procedure: POSTED ON FACEBOOK by Joanne Quinn Smith: "Also the beneficiary of great self-hypnosis surgery prep work with Sanna Carapellotti of Life Changing Energy Therapies. What a blessing and help going into traumatic quadruple by-pass surgery. I was so calm, my nurses and doctors could not believe it. I was calming everyone else down."

Dolls go to Surgery! "I loved my surgery. My boo-boo got better because I had my dolls with me in my mind and we were playing!" K. L., 5 yrs old

Dental Trauma be GONE: "Sanna, you are my hero! I was able to get impressions done and the best news is that I have had no gag reflex for 7 days. I am finally comfortable in the dentist chair." B. Sinclair, Pgh, PA.

Going to Breast Cancer Surgery STRONG! “Sanna, thank you. I feel strong and ready.” B. B., Pgh.

Life Long Illness Power: "I am having periods of carefree well-being. I always feel better when I leave here and for longer periods of time. Thank you Sanna. I drive for over 3 hours to see you. It is worth every minute of driving time." D.M. Carlisle, PA

Survived with Less than 10% Odds: "I was told if I survived the surgery, the treatment would be excruciatingly painful. Well, here I am. I went through this "blazing with my fire." The nurses kept saying- "Doesn't it hurt? Doesn't it hurt?" I finally had to tell them to shut up!" W. D., State College PA

Athlete Powers Through Knee Surgery: "My friends kept asking me, "Aren't you scared? I went to my knee surgery ready and in my power." R. P., Las Vegas.

I Healed Fast: "It has been your good work and knowledge that has led me to this healing. There is no way to thank you. How gifted you are...how important your work is." C. K., Pittsburgh

Happily Reducing Pain: "Thank you, Sanna. You saved my life, literally. I am happy and living IN my life as you say." J. T., Pgh, PA

I Relaxed and My High Blood Pressure Went Down: "My husband has been fighting high blood pressure. He is not on medication yet, but the Doctor said that eventually he would have to take medication as his high blood pressure is hereditary. Recently, it has been really high and when I purchased your CD, Mindful of Breath. I told him to try it as it might help to relax him. Well, it was a surprise when after listening to your CD, and doing the breathing techniques for 20 minutes his blood pressure dropped from 145/95 to 120/80 (before and after readings). So it works and we thank you." V. F., Pittsburgh, PA

Less Stress Reduced My Worry: “The breath/relaxation CD is great. Again it took me a few days to train myself to listen but I have noticed a huge difference when I listen to it now from when I started. I have not had the chest pains and back spasms I tend to get when I'm stressed or have anxiety since I started using the CD daily. I am physically much more comfortable.” J. M., N.C.

We have a HypnoBaby! After 5 failed invitros!: "It is awesome that you helped us with conception. Michelle is now 1.5 and I am still in shock that we have her after five invitros!" L. and M., Pgh.

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